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With much appreciation to musician, song-writer and Wisconsin Green Party member Thistle Pettersen, today we launch our Get-out-the-Vote campaign video, featuring her new song:  "Vote Fortuin, for Senate, for Georgia, for Democracy". 

John Fortuin for Senate, for Georgia, for Democracy from YMD Production Services on Vimeo.

The Georgia Green Party is inviting you to our Virtual Town Hall Meetings, hosted on the zoom platform.
Time: weekly: 8:00 pm on Tuesday evenings, and 2:00 pm on Saturday afternoons, until the polls close

Register in advance for this meeting.  <-- ONLY THREE EVENTS LEFT

Which town hall meetings would you like to attend?

Friday, Oct 30, 2020 08:00 PM

Saturday, Oct 31, 2020 02:00 PM

Then join us as we watch the returns:

Tuesday, Nov 3, 2020 08:00 PM

Register in advance for these events.

After registering, watch for a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

*Note: In the video, John references the report: "Hidden in Plain Sight- Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement" by ex-FBI agent Mike German and posted by the Brennan Center for Justice.  Click here for the reportLocal copy.

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John "Green" Fortuin

to U.S. Senate

Elect Georgia Green Party Nominee John "Green" Fortuin to U.S. Senate
Elect Georgia Green Party Nominee John "Green" Fortuin to U.S. Senate

John has been fighting for your Human Rights, Constitutional Rights, and Economic Rights since the 1990's, with groups fighting for the environment, fair trade, and fair / auditable elections based on paper ballots.

John supports implementing a REAL Green New Deal to achieve a net-zero carbon economy in 5 years, with a WWII-style economic transformation to make that goal possible.

Voting Info as of 10/28/20:

Absentee Ballots:

If you have already requested an absentee ballot;

Georgia's registered voters who have applied for an absentee ballot already, should follow the directions carefully on the instructions, double checking each step in the directions, then turn in your absentee ballot to your county elections office or county approved drop boxes as soon as possible in advance of election day.  Generally, handling other people's absentee ballots is criminal offense that will get you called before the State Election Board, stay safe and comply with the law.

All other voters:

While it is legally possible to request an absentee ballot this close to election day, I strongly advise against this, this election season.  I recommend early voting instead (due to COVID-19 induced election office chaos), or election day voting in your assigned precinct.


Vote for
Georgia Green Party nominee
John "Green" Fortuin!

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Campaign News Coverage

GPB - U.S. Senate Candidate Debate

Meet U.S. Senate candidate John Fortuin in the Atlanta Press Club debate on Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB).
The debate was broadcast on TV, cable & the internet and is now archived at:

John "Green" Fortuin, U.S. Georgia Senate Candidate
John "Green" Fortuin, U.S. Georgia Senate Candidate

WALB-TV - Albany, GA Coverage

click here to view

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Atlanta UBI Project Endorses John Fortuin for U.S. Senate (Georgia)
Atlanta UBI Project Endorses John Fortuin for U.S. Senate (Georgia)

Atlanta UBI Project Endorsement!

I want to thank Florence and the entire Atlanta UBI (Universal Basic Income) Project supporters for this endorsement.  The brave and future-minded Atlanta UBI Project are looking forward towards a future where automation can co-exist with supporting American's basic human rights, and I welcome their support.  

From our Pandemic Platform:

Universal Basic Income (UBI) will guarantee every American a share in our nation’s enormous wealth, improve the quality of life for all Americans, and ensure that every American can afford basic food and shelter by paying a guaranteed minimum of $2080 per month for every adult, and $350 per month for every child, regardless of health, employment, or marital status. We have a moral obligation to our fellow Americans to make these payments permanent and adjusted each year for inflation. A permanent UBI, along with other economic reforms, would prevent us from having to take emergency actions, after people are already suffering, when we have future crises and would minimize government bureaucracy and intrusiveness into people’s lives, eliminating the nightmarish bureaucracy of the welfare “system”.

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Our Pandemic Platform -

Click here to access and download our platform which addresses most of 2020's major crisis, dealing comprehensively with COVID-19, the inadequate COVID-19 response, the coming "Greater Depression", Climate Change, the and other urgent issues avoided by my opponents and the "money" parties.  The platform covers:

  • • Pandemic and Healthcare Solutions
  • • Income Support Solutions
  • • Economic Solutions
  • • Labor Solutions,
  • • Housing Solutions
  • • Protecting Vulnerable Populations
  • • Ensuring Continuity of Public Services
  • • Protecting Democratic Institutions and Processes
  • • Jumpstarting our Economy
  • • Repealing Bad Trade Agreements
  • • International Policy Reforms
  • • Monetary Policy reform
  • • Tax and Revenue policy reform

and the platform includes footnotes to easily verify under-reported, yet critical facts.

Click here to access and download our platform!

Thank you.